Strike Cruiser Fleet Build – Siege Mortars

Top of the morning!

One of the most common build requests I see on the forums are for the Strike Cruiser, particularly Siege Mortar builds. Many of the responses I see really aren’t that great so here’s the fleet that I’m planning to build after my current fleet is done and how it should be used.

High-Evade Single Siege Mortar  (Ultimate Shipyard Link)

  • 1x Siege Mortar D75-S
  • 2x Shockwave Mortar D71-L
  • 2x Hailstorm B
  • 1x Hailstorm C
  • 4x D2-E armor
  • High Explosive Shells 3
  • Guidance Scrambler 3
  • Reactive Armor 3

Excellent for hitting bases. The fleet as a whole deals enough damage to one-shot a level 4 defensive tower, assuming none of the mortars are shot down by Bombards or Hailstorms. The splash radius on the Siege Mortars gets boosted to 31.5, which is about 1.5 land tiles. That’s in each direction. That’ll hit the guard fleet in the channel and the defensive turret on the nearest shore. Hard to get more efficient than that.

The high evade and Missile defense protects extremely well against Sentinels or any SFB3 ships in the guard fleet while the Hailstorms protect against Victory Mortars. This build can be expected to sit under four VM4s at once for little or no damage. Howitzers and Cerberus Rockets should be sniped from maximum range so those shouldn’t ever get a chance to fire at you. Simply Pinch or Bunker Buster any Bombards and you should be able to walk in with minimal damage.

Be wary of Goliaths in the guard fleet, however, as they will likely have Thuds, which will out-range your mortars. These Strike Cruisers don’t have a lot of health or ballistic resistance so they’ll die easy against Thud Goliaths. In fact, any ballistic fleet armed with anti-mortars will devastate this build so if you must flatten someone with that base, I’d recommend using a different fleet. Scouting is key.

If you don’t have Hailstorms, you can swap them out for three Hellstorm 3s. If you don’t have the D2-E, you can probably get away with using various combinations of the armors that increase resistance, or even just regular Forsaken armor for more HP.


Until next time,

— Andrew


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